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  1. Parker Composite Plug-In Elbow

    This composite plug-in elbow from Parker is most commonly used to convert a 3/8" PTC manifold down to 1/4" PTC. It can also be installed into other PTC fittings to make a quick 90º turn with your air line.
  2. Parker 45º Street Elbow

    Need to install a fitting at just the right angle? The Parker 45º Street Elbow may be the solution you've been looking for.
  3. Parker Gauge Tee

    This gauge tee from Parker provides a convenient, in-line PTC connection to route 1/8" air line to your analog gauges.
  4. Parker Street Tee

    Street tees are used to connect multiple components into one female NPT port. Female NPT on two ends and male NPT on the other.
  5. Parker Female Tee

    This female tee from Parker provides three female NPT connections. Great for making your own unique fitting.
  6. Parker Female Coupler

    The Parker Female Coupler is used to join two male NPT fittings of the same size. Great for making your own unique fitting.
  7. Parker Street Elbow

    The Parker Street Elbow is a 90º brass fitting with male NPT threads on one end and female NPT threads on the other.
  8. Parker Hex Plug

    The Parker Hex Plug is just that.. A plug! These fittings are typically used to close off unused tank ports.
  9. Parker Reducer Bushing

    Reducer bushings are used to decrease the size of a female NPT port. There are many uses for reducer bushings but they are commonly used to step down the ports on an air tank.
  10. Parker Hex Nipple

    The Parker Hex Nipple features two male NPT ends which are perfect for mating two components together. These fittings are commonly used to connect water traps to tank ports.
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10 Item(s)